Electrical Distribution

Go hassle-free with our Robertson® Bits and Screws, the best work companions for electrical product distributors and electrical suppliers.
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Electrical breaker box Electrical breaker box close up

Building Materials. Compatible with Electrical Distribution specific materials.

Cold rolled steel (CRS)
Sheet metal

Related Industries. The right product for your industry.

Grounding connectors
Power connectors

Committed To Excellence

Our fasteners are built to last, with superior strength and durability meant to withstand all fastening challenges.
Manufactured with precision in accordance with local and international standards
Made with highly durable materials made to withstand any kind of fastening challenges
Rigid performance evaluations are conducted against critical industry codes and standards
Made with Robertson® Cling Fit Design for maximum recess and penetration

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Our commitment to quality.

Quality is our foundation. Our Quality Assurance Program embraces every facet of our operations.
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Manufacturing a defect-free product, with no effort spared in our pursuit of absolute quality.
Maintaining our leadership in the industry through aggressive research and development.