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Robertson Inc. offers products that meet your professional needs and exceed conventional standards.

Woodworking Applications

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Robertson Inc. has a global work force located in numerous facilities that supplies the Robertson® screw products throughout the world.

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Creating the best products for you.

Our aggressive program of R&D is vital to maintaining a leadership position in our industry.

Our Engineering group is committed to exploring more efficient designs, more effective materials and new applications for our fastening systems. They are responsible for the many patents that meet a wide variety of applications.

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Customized Parts

We will supply made to order (MTO) non-listed parts in most materials and in a length for your preference. Minimum quantities apply.

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Our commitment to quality.

Quality is our foundation. Our Quality Assurance Program embraces every facet of our operations.
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Obtaining the highest level of excellence to our products and services for our valued customers.
Manufacturing a defect-free product, with no effort spared in our pursuit of absolute quality.
Maintaining our leadership in the industry through aggressive research and development.