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Industries We Specialize In

We are not limited to any particular industry but specialize in the following areas

As proud members of both Electro-Federation Canada, and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, Robertson has a strong presence in the electrical industry. We manufacture high quality components along with providing field engineering support, design engineering expertise, a rigorous quality process, and logistics to meet your specific needs.

Electrical Distribution

Robertson manufactures high quality screws and components for a variety of window and door producers of vinyl, aluminum or wood construction. We back our products with first-in-class field engineering support, design engineering expertise, a rigourous quality process, and logistics to meet your specific needs.

Window & Door

Robertson has worked with manufacturers in this industry to reduce and complaints from end-users through re-design of their attachment system. Give Robertson a call for the same assistance. We manufacture high quality screws and components. We back our products with first-in-class field engineering support, design engineering expertise, a rigorous quality process, and logistics to meet your specific needs.

Roofing & Eavestroughs

Engineering Services

We will continue as an international leader of innovative threaded fastening solutions.

Robertson’s expert engineering team takes projects from idea to completion, offering comprehensive support and customization for your fastener needs. Our in-house department utilizes cutting-edge testing equipment to ensure the highest quality throughout the design and manufacturing process.

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Building Towards the Future

As a leading fastener and component manufacturer, Robertson Inc. ensures product quality by adhering to the highest engineering standards and providing exceptional customer support, manufacturing all products in accordance with IFI Standards. With over 115 years of commitment to loyalty and reliability, Robertson Inc. is an industry pioneer, offering top-notch fastener solutions and fostering enduring relationships with OEMs and distributors across various markets.

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Robertson Inc. has a global work force located in numerous facilities that supplies the Robertson® screw products throughout the world.

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Engineering Evolution

We continue P. L. Robertson’s legacy of innovation, since his first patent of the square recess drive in 1908.  At Robertson Inc. we believe that an aggressive program of research and development is vital to maintaining a leadership position in our industry.  Our Engineering group is committed to exploring more efficient product designs, more effective materials and new applications for our fastening systems.

We support customers with the development of specialty fasteners and have the capability to design and manufacture fasteners to suit customer’s specifications.


Robertson Inc. provides on-site engineering support at every phase of your design and production process, right from the very beginning.


We provide direct communication with all the engineering and quality expertise at our Robertson’s manufacturing facility.


If you are contemplating a change to your assembly process or system, we bring over 115+ years of fastener experience and knowledge to your design, production, and operations departments.


If you are looking to automate, or partially automate one of your assembly lines or cells, we can support your endeavour with the quality product and expertise you need.


Our in the house engineering department is fully equipped with the latest testing equipment to analyze all aspects of customized components to the final stage of assembly.


We have the expertise and the in-house facilities to meet your technical requirements and provide a reliable supply chain.

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